February 10: Constable McDonald killed; Transcona's Board of Trade.

February 12, 1940, Winnipeg Tribune

February 10, 1940 - Winnipeg Police Constable John McDonald is shot dead and his partner, Constable Norman Stewart, is wounded in a botched stake-out at the Manitoba Motor League offices on Fort Street.

After the shooting the would-be safe crackers fled, leading police on a couple of high speed chases through the city. Police already had an idea of who the ringleader and man who pulled the trigger was.

Mike 'The Horse' Attamanchuk, a Dauphin native with a lengthy criminal record, eluded police the night of the shooting but two days later police found him holed up in a suite. Before police could enter, "The Horse" shot himself in the head and died soon after.

For more in the murder of constable McDonald, see this Winnipeg Police Museum entry. For photos, maps and news coverage see the Winnipeg Tribune.

February 10, 1911 - Transcona’s Board of Trade is inaugurated. The town itself would not be incorporated until the following year but the announcement of the construction of the Transcona rail shops spurred a commercial frenzy in the area. For more Transcona history.

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