January 8: Wpg's civic election turmoil; Aussie PM visits; Garson is Premier.

Jan 8, 1917, Winnipeg Free Press

January 8, 1917 - Frederick Davidson becomes mayor of Winnipeg after winning a recount of the 1916 civic election results. Winnipeg had three different mayors in a period of two weeks. For more.

January 8, 1951 - Hamilton Dawson Jukes dies in San Diego. Born in Winnipeg on May 28, 1895, he won a bronze medal in ice hockey for Britain in the 1924 Olympics.  

January 8, 1927 - Australian P.M. Rt. Hon. Stanley J Bruce visits Winnipeg. In a speech to the Canadian Women's Club he lamented the fact that most of the world's history is written by, and about, men. He said: "We have heard of the Pilgrim Fathers, but not of the Pilgrim Mothers."

January 8, 1943 - Stuart Garson replaces John Bracken as Premier.

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