January 28: Equity League's mock parliament; Monarchs are world hockey champs; Don Starkell dies.

January 28, 1914 - The Political Equality League stages an evening of entertainment at the Walker Theatre. It included the play "A Women's Parliament",  a mock parliament wherein women played the roles of politicians, with Nellie McClung as premier, debating whether or not men should get the vote.

Mock Parliament
Jan. 28, 1914, Manitoba Free Press

In the final scene, a delegation of men present their right to vote to the 'Premier' who replied:

"We like delegations. We have seen a great many, and we pride ourselves on treating these delegations with the greatest courtesy and candour. We assure you that we are just as pleased to see you today as we shall be to see you at any future day. We wish to compliment this delegation on their splendid gentlemanly appearance. If without exercising the vote, such splendid specimens of manhood can be produced, such a system of affairs should not be interfered with."

Manitoba Free Press, January 29, 1914 (headline and quote)

The night, which also included musical entertainment and comedy skits, was well received and brought with it national media coverage. (To read the Free Press' review.)

Two years later, on January 27, 1914, the Manitoba Legislature unanimously passed a bill to allow most women*
the right to vote and hold office in the province - a first in Canada. (*Aboriginals and some immigrant women need not apply.)

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January 28, 1935 - The 1935 Winnipeg Monarchs win the world amateur hockey championship in Switzerland. The team is in the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame.

January 28, 2012 - Don Starkell dies. In 1980, he and son Dana entered the Guinness World Book of Records for the longest canoe trip: 19,000 kms from Winnipeg to the Amazon River.

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