January 26: New fire hall; Pogue's carburetor; RCA Museum; Red Ensign.

January 26, 1883 - Winnipeg's fire department moves into a new central fire station on William Avenue at Charlotte (now Hargrave) Street.

January 26, 1936 - Two Winnipeg businessmen, Tom Breen of Breen Motors and Mr. Kickley of Dominion Motors, announce to the world that they are in the final stages of testing a carburetor that gets 200 miles per gallon.

The inventor, Winnipegger Charles Pogue, had been working on the project since the 1920’s and obtained 4 patents on it.

There are numerous explanations as to why it never went into production, ranging from it being a hoax to being too complicated for a motorist to use. The Canadian military tested it in the 1940s but called them off when they found that the device needed to be 'constantly adjusted'.

Pogue would continue inventing, obtaining 300 more patents in his lifetime.

Further reading about his carburetor posts here and here.

January 26, 1924 - The Canadian Red Ensign is officially recognized as Canada’s flag. It would remain so until 1965.

January 26, 1980 – Joe Clark announces that Canada will boycott the 1980 Olympic games.

Shilo, Manitoba
January 26, 1962 - The National Artillery Museum of Canada opens at CFB Shilo. It's one of the country's largest military museums and boasts the largest collection of Canadian-made military vehicles.

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