January 25: Wilfred Bonin hangs; Swan River's Billy Beal; Captain Kennedy dies.

January 25, 1956 - Winnipeg Firefighter Elford A. Knox, 54, falls ill at a fire and dies in hospital.

January 25, 1988 - The A.E. McKenzie Company Building on 9th Street in Brandon is designated a Provincial Heritage Site. 

January 25, 1988 - The Trappist Monastery Ruins, rue du Monastére, St. Norbert, is designated a Provincial Heritage Site.

January 25, 1927 - 24 year-old Wilfred Bonnin is hanged in Winnipeg for the murder of Maurice Garvie (above) during a bank robbery on May 28, 1926. (For more on the robbery.)

January 25, 1968 - Billy Beal dies. In 1906 he immigrated to the Swan River area of Manitoba, the first African American to settle in the region. He was a carpenter, writer, photographer and secretary-treasurer of the local school division for nearly 40 years. In 2011 the region's library was named for him. (Also see.)

January 25, 1890 - Writer, explorer and HBC Employee Captain William Kennedy dies. His house on River Road near Lockport is a provincial heritage site. (Also see.)

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