January 24: St. B train wreck; Rose Eiler murder; CJOB's Jack Matheson.

Winnipeg Evening Tribune January 25, 1939 (source)

January 24, 1939 -
Winnipeg is shocked by the murder of six year-old Rose Eiler. The Tribune wrote

All the resources of the police were mustered today in an effort to track down the unidentified slayer of of 6 year old Rose Mary Eiler, choked to death with her own underwear which the marauder stuffed in her mouth to stop her cries as he ransacked her father's suite Tuesday night and carried off some mysterious papers.

February 4, 1939, Winnipeg Free Press

It didn't take long for police to zero in on the father as the culprit. Going through a messy divorce, he cooked up a fake robbery to remove valuables from his suite so that it wouldn't be part of the settlement. Things went wrong when the child suffocated. Steve Eiler received a nine month sentence and hung himself in prison just weeks into his sentence.

January 24, 2011 - Jack Matheson dies. The long-time sports reporter began his career with the Winnipeg Tribune in 1947 and remained there until its demise in 1980. (Also see.)

January 24, 1916 - Three crew members are killed when two trains collide in St. Boniface. Read more here !


marty gold said...

Jack Matheson deserves some elaboration.
He was always identified in the public's mind as the Tribune sports editor succeeding Vince Leah, and as the lead Blue Bomber scribe. His "Furnaceman Fires Up jack Matheson" commentary was a sports staple on OB running 4 times daily at 745, 8.45, 5.45 and 10.45 20 minutes after the 5 hourly 5 minute sportscast. His stock as a hockey pundit took a nosedive in 1977 or so after a remark regarding Doug Jarvis backfired.

mrchristian said...

Thanks for the update on Matheson. I do remember the CJOB spots - I can hear his voice now !

What was the comment that backfired ? Was it personal or something about his play ?