January 23: Winnipeg wins the Stanley Cup; Woolworth's burns; Queen Vic dies.

January 23 1902 - The Winnipeg Victorias win the second game in a best of three series  against the Toronto Wellingtons to win the 1901-02 Stanley Cup !

The games took place on January 21 and January 23, 1902 at the Winnipeg Auditorium. The Vics won both by a score of 5 - 3. (Read a local news story. Other stories can be found here and here.) 

This was the third and final Stanley Cup for the Vics. They also won it in 1896 and 1900-01.

January 23, 1991 - Bombers’ Mike Riley is named CFL coach of the year.

January 23, 1922 - Fire destroys the Woolworth's Store on the south side Portage Avenue, west of Garry.

January 23, 1978 - RCMP Constable Dennis Anthony Onofrey, 27, is shot to death when responding to a stolen truck report in Virden, Manitoba.

January 23, 1901 - The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen. See coverage in the Morning Telegram.

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