January 22: CFL's first Commish, St. James Arena opens; Minto Armouries burn; Sybil Shack; Coates the butcher.

January 22, 1986- St. Elijah Romanian Greek Orthodox Church, R.M. of Shellmouth, near Inglis is designated a Provincial Heritage Site. 

January 22, 2004 - Sybil Shack dies. She was a writer, teacher and principal of a number of Winnipeg's largest schools. Check out her digitized fonds at the U of M Archives.

January 22, 1956 - The deal to establish a single Canadian Football League is finalized at a meeting at the Royal Alexandra Hotel on Main Street. Winnipegger G. Sydney Halter is chosen to be the league's first commissioner. (Read more about Halter in my Winnipeg Free Press article.)

January 22, 1966 - The arena portion of the St. James Civic Centre opens. The rest of the facility opened in stages through the year. (Image: Oct. 13, 1964, Winnipeg Free Press.)

January 22, 1956 - At 5 a.m. a fire starts in the Minto Armouries on St. Matthews Ave. The $600,000 blaze injured two fireman and killed Battalion Chief Andrew Hebenton.

January 22, 1948 - William Coates dies. A butcher by trade, he created a chain of meat shops that operated in the city from 1903 - 1925.

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