January 10: Hugh John is premier; GWG closes; Bloody Jack captured; St. Matthews Church (2) opens.

January 10, 1900 - Hugh John MacDonald becomes Premier of Manitoba. He served only nine months, resigning in October 1900 to run and lose in a federal election. (Also see.)

January 10, 1984 - The Great Western Garment Company factory on Bannatyne Avenue closes. GWG, in Winnipeg since 1960, produced Ziggy and Chic jeans from that location. Here's a vintage GWG ad featuring Wayne Gretzky !

Jan 11, 1896, Winnipeg Tribune

January 10, 1896 - A failed robbery at the Electric Street Railway offices leads to the death of the robber's accomplice. Here's a detailed account from the Winnipeg Police Museum.

January 10, 1914 - Notorious murderer and robber "Bloody Jack" Krafchencko is captured in an apartment block on Toronto Street.

January 10, 1909 - St. Matthews Church at 596 Ellice Avenue is officially opened. Since 1987 it has been home to the West End Cultural Centre. For a complete building history

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