February 22: First hockey play by play; Rugby Football League created.

Winnipeg Free Press, February 22, 1923

February 22, 1923 - The Winnipeg Free Press' radio station CJCG live-broadcasts the play-by-play of a game between the Winnipeg Falcons and Port Arthur.

The Falcons beat Port Arthur 4 - 1 but, more importantly, is credited with being the first play-by-play broadcast of a complete hockey game. 

The Free Press has arranged to broadcast the game from the rink, giving n complete running story of the contest from thr, first face off to the final gong. This is the first time in the history of hockey that the play by play will be flashed over the world by means of the radio.
Winnipeg Free Press, February 23, 1923

For more early Manitoba radio history.

February 22, 1892
- The Manitoba Rugby Football Union is created. The Winnipeg Football club, a forerunner to the Bombers, was a member team. For a history of the Rugby / Football transformation see Football Canada.


tofurkey said...

Do you know where the rugby team would have played? Osborne Stadium wasn't built until 1932. But, maybe it wasn't that popular anyway, and they played on a simple grass pitch somewhere?

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