January 18: Transcona Shops open; Haselmere fire; Plum Coulee incorporates; WAG opens to public.

January 18, 1913 - The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway's Transcona Shops officially open. 

January 18, 1916 - The first Girl Guide Company is registered in Winnipeg. For more on early Manitoba Girl Guides.

January 18, 1974 - The Haselmere Apartments fire on Ellice Avenue kills nine people. It is the second worse fire in Winnipeg's history in terms of loss of life. 

January 18, 1901 - Plum Coulee is incorporated as a village.

January 18, 1925 - James Stuart, considered one of Manitoba's "Fathers of Electrification", dies. Also see James Stuart Electrifies Winnipeg.

January 18, 1972 - The Winnipeg Art Gallery opens to the general public. It was officially opened on September 24, 1971 during a Royal Tour of Princess Margaret and her husband the Earl of Snowdon but due to a series of labour strikes had fallen months behind schedule and much of the building was not yet completed. It was closed after the Royals left.

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